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An open letter to all those who think feminism is destroying the world, 

Go fuck yourself. 
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An open letter to all those who think feminism is destroying the world, 

Go fuck yourself. 

Nov 23, 2013

A response.

This evening, in a self-inflicted act of torture, I clicked on the following link that happened to come up on my Twitter feed.

The article, penned by a self proclaimed ‘right female’, attempts to discuss (a term used very loosely) the ‘vulgar’ ‘liberal feminists’ and their attempt to raise money for women seeking abortions now that the crack down on clinics in Texas has begun. An estimated 20 000 women will lose their access to abortions across the state, with one third of the clinics already closed. Now, whilst I will be the first to admit that it is imperative that as a society we offer safe abortions to women, these laws don’t seem to be much other than the GOP’s increasing attempts to restrict women’s reproductive autonomy all in the name of ‘pro-life’. 

The article suggests that these women are attempting to forsake their own safety by opposing this legislation, the GOP’s so called innocent attempt to avoid another disaster such as Kermit Gosnell from occurring. For the uninitiated, Kermit Gosnell is a former American physician who ran an abortion clinic in Philadelphia. He was arrested in 2011 for multiple counts of murder. Many poor and immigrant women suffering at his hand, with anesthesia admitted in vastly high quantities and sub-par medical treatment dictating the clinic norm. As well as this, the spines of many late term foetuses that came out alive were snipped. It would be correct to suggest that this horrific incident is the product of the failure to regulate this physician - between 1989 and 2010, Gosnell was the subject of many complaints to the Department of Health, which repeatedly pointed to his lack of commitment to running a safe and sterile clinic. He repeatedly hired ill-equipped staff, staff with a lack of qualifications and he refused to call paramedics when a procedure took a turn for the worst. 

However, to suggest that this is in any way related to the size of the broom closet in a Texas clinic (in, might I add, otherwise sterile and reputed medical facilities) or the distance away from a hospital - is completely flawed. Health departments should be encouraged to actively investigate complaints and to impose regulations on clinics. I would argue that it would be more effective to suggest regular surveys of patients opinions and to suggest regular inspections of these clinics to make sure that they are up to standard. But no, logic apparently doesn’t prevail, especially when female reproductive autonomy is concerned.  

It is ultimately flawed to suggest that these women will not fall victim to another Gosnell, as Gosnell came from a climate that has been replicated by the GOP. He preyed on the most vulnerable of women, with their vulnerability exacerbating what is usually a stressful situation. Cutting down the numbers of abortion clinics is not going to stop this problem from occurring, it will only enable it further. Abortion will always exist, so long as pregnancy exists and women who do not want to have the said pregnancy exist. Whether you provide these places readily for them is one thing, but to deny thousands of women access to these clinics and potentially cost them thousands of dollars in the process is wrong - and yes, you will fuel the black market of abortion scenarios, which, might I add, I am quite sure wouldn’t look too good on your political resume. I would also argue that opposing affordable healthcare, preschool and raising the minimum wage doesn’t help much with this climate either, but lets save that for another rant, shall we? 

Back to the article! The author of this piece quite clearly lacks basic cognitive skills, because she has completely missed the point of the fundraiser. This reform means that many women are without the finances to access a safe abortion, and the fundraiser is attempting to raise the said funds to make sure that their situation is as bullshit free as possible - something the GOP has MONUMENTALLY failed at. 

As well as this, she refers to their worship of the vulva and the vagina as ‘tasteless’ and ‘vulgar’ - I would argue that her apparent attempt at slut shaming is also ‘tasteless’ and ‘vulgar’, but I digress. The author suggests that the feminists should be offered an anatomy lesson, because APPARENTLY we cannot tell the difference between a vagina and a ‘living, developing baby’. To quell any fears, we can tell the difference between a vagina and the internal ‘baby making’ ‘predestined female’ function of the uterus, we just like to conflate the two in a discussion around reproductive autonomy which ULTIMATELY involves our entire reproductive tract. And in case basic biology and reproductive knowledge is lost on the right (maybe the result of their abstinence only sex education?), the foetus comes OUT of the vagina. The vagina is an integral part of the process of conception and childbirth, mmkay? 

Now, let’s get onto why I think their ‘saintly’ attempt at securing safe abortions for women is bullshit. The woman utilises inflammatory language such as ‘babies’ to give the foetus personhood and to emphasise the suggestion that all women who want an abortion in the second or third trimester are abortion loving harpies. As well as this, she points to the appalling idea of convenience and easy access - quelle horreur! Yes, they want to access abortions and not have to pay thousands of dollars or have to potentially take time off work - You are going to create a situation of desperation, of Gosnell, which we want to avoid, remember? Yet, the rhetoric of the right still remains. Autonomy advocates are scared, and rightly so. After the 2012 elections and the last year riddled with ‘pro-life’ rhetoric, the GOP hasn’t exactly made a stellar reputation for its self in a) understanding how sex works b) how rape works and c) how and why abortion happens. Yet, this comes with recent news about the GOP’s new consulting firm aimed at reaching out to women. Are you at all shocked that a MASSIVE population of women of all ages (especially young) and all ethnicities are alienated by your party? Honey, it’s not a communication issue. You have made your anti-choice stance VERY clear. No amount of money thrown at a consulting firm will increase your appeal to the women of America. I would argue that the problem is inherent to your party platform, which has consistently pandered to the religious right for the better part of the last twenty years. 

Oh and by the way, fuck you. I’ll admit, that wasn’t my most eloquent moment, but it is warranted. You have the nerve (like every other faux humanitarian concerned person on this earth) to reference Malala Yousafzai in your little diatribe against liberal feminists. This young woman was shot by the Taliban for advocating autonomy and education for girls, something you class as ‘what really matters’, unlike accessible abortions and the cost of birth control. It is here that I suggest that you are suffering from full fledged cognitive dissonance, because a large part of why many young women get abortions is because they would like to continue with their education - carrying a foetus and ultimately having children tends to put a spanner in the works. I would argue that Malala’s crusade and ours are linked, because they both connect to one of the fundamental principles of feminism - that being female autonomy. Something that a gynophobe like you isn’t likely to get. 



"My wife didn’t appreciate my fridge magnet poem."

Well, I sure did.
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"My wife didn’t appreciate my fridge magnet poem."

Well, I sure did.

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This is seriously my new favorite youtuber I can’t stop watching his videos.

Watch till the very last part. It’s worth it.

wasn’t going to reblog it untiL THE ENDING

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  • 50% of me: "I love dresses and flowers and pretty things."
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God we fuck up teenagers’ heads. We tell them that biological conditions are moral punishments and then we get all shocked when they don’t practice rational risk management of biological conditions. We teach them “sex is super desirable and all the cool kids do it, and it’s hideously shameful and will destroy your life” and we wonder why they act an eensy bit neurotic about it. If you tried to design a system for making sexually active kids confused and unsafe, you couldn’t do much better than the American media and school system.

And for once, the answer is relatively simple. Just talk about sex like it’s a part of life. Some people have sex and some people don’t, because people are different. STIs aren’t bad because they’re Dirty Crotch Rot; they’re bad because they’re contagious illnesses like strep throat or whooping cough, and you can ask a doctor to check for and treat them just like you would with strep throat. Unwanted pregnancy isn’t a scarlet A; it’s a mostly-preventable accident that sometimes occurs when people are going about their normal business of having sex. You can ask the school counselor about a variety of topics, including career planning, problems at home, questions about sex, or conflicts with teachers.

If we could just get the goddamn stick out of our collective ass and accept that sex is a human activity and teenagers are humans, maybe there wouldn’t be quite so many plaintive “I don’t understand my body and I’m confused and scared and I don’t know anyone I can ask in person” messages flying out into the world.

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